Friday, 10 January 2014

CPC - Potato Rescue

Here's the latest game from me, and until a more stable AGD is released, I wont be doing any more stuff with it cos I don't see the point if the end result will end up being bugged. AGD is preventing me from doing any more work on this game. There are a few minor bugs but no big crashes as long as you avoid shooting at nothing on the edge of the screen. If there is a wall on the edge it will be fine. It does not count all the coins, there are 10 but it only registers 7. Sometimes the text gets a bit messed up. I'm a little annoyed I cannot fix these issues really, but I dont want to waste what I've done so here it is.

Its a very mini RPG-ish type game. More advanced than Lab Escape, it uses up all the resources in AGD, there are 22 screens and various enemies and some puzzles to solve. You basically have to rescue Potato and find 10 coins. You can complete the game without getting all 10 coins.

Grab it from here:

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