Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Saturday, 20 April 2013

CPC - Pix

Pix for the Amstrad CPC is a puzzle game where you solve nonograms. 

More information and download here:

NDS - Subtera Puzlo

Subtera Puzlo is the second game in the Ice Slider homebrew series for the NDS system.

The objective is to collect the key and exit each level. There are various obstacles and enemies that try to prevent your progress. Collect all the coins to progress further into the game.

More information and download here:

NDS - Ice Slider

Ice Slider is a homebrew puzzle game for the NDS.

The objective is to collect all the coins on each level. Once you start moving in a direction you cannot stop unless you hit a block. Some blocks disappear when hit, others can only be passed in one direction.

More information and download: